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Insurance: Skills & Talents

Key Skill Area Requirement
People skills: High
Sales skills: Medium
Communication skills: High
Analytical skills: Medium
Ability to synthesize: Low
Creative ability: Medium
Initiative: Medium
Work hours: 35-55/week


The Business is About Risk Transfer
Insurance companies are in the business of assuming risk by writing policies which transfer risks from customers to themselves. This work is challenging, complex and likely to continue to prosper.

There are a Variety of Key Business Areas
Insurance companies are in the business either of providing property and casualty insurance (protect owners of cars, business and homes against loss and injury); life insurance or health insurance.

Insurance is one of Finance's Best Kept Secrets
Insurance may be one of the best kept secrets in the field of finance. Most students do not realize the high growth and enormous potential for personal development and advancement that this field offers.

People-oriented Types Who Can Listen Do Well
The field of insurance and risk management is well-suited for those who are good listeners, who enjoy people and are comfortable with quantitative analysis of risks.

Most People in Insurance Don't Sell
Many people avoid insurance careers because they perceive that the business is about selling and slickness. Certainly, part of the business involves selling but keep in mind that insurance policies help people, especially in times of need. Moreover, most jobs in the field do not involve direct selling.

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