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Corporate Finance:
Job Options
Duties involve supervision of Treasury department which is involved in financial planning, raising funds, cash management and acquiring and disposing of assets. This is an upper management job which requires both analytical skill and the ability to manage and motivate people. (Find jobs like this)

Financial Analyst
Duties involve determining financing needs, analyzing capital budgeting projects, long-range financial planning, analyzing possible acquisitions and asset sales, visiting credit agencies to explain firm's position, working on budgets, analyzing competitors, implementing financial plans, monitoring the the market price of your firm's securities analyzing of leasing agreements and determining needs and methods of dealing with derivatives. Often you will be assigned to a specific area such as revenue, planning, capital budgeting or project finance. This challenging job requires good analytical skills, computer skills and a broad understanding of finance. (Find jobs like this)

Credit Manager
Duties include establishing policies for granting credit to suppliers, setting guidelines for collecting on credit and considering whether to securitize receivables. This job requires knowledge of the customer and ability to analyze accounting statements. (Find jobs like this)

Cash Manager
Duties involve establishing relationships with banks, managing short-term credit needs, ensuring that sufficient cash is on hand to meet daily needs, putting excess cash into a concentration account bearing interest and handling international transfers of funds. This job is detail-oriented and requires good ability to negotiate. (Find jobs like this)

Benefits Officer
Duties involve managing pension fund assets, setting up employee 401(k) plans, determining health care benefits policies and working with human resources to set up cost-effective employee benefits. This job requires a combination of finance knowledge, knowledge of human resources management and understanding of organizational behavior. (Find jobs like this)

Real Estate Officer
This job involves finding real estate locations for a company, negotiation of lease agreements, acquisition of real estate and valuation of properties. This job requires a thorough understanding of finance and real estate. (Find jobs like this)

Investor Relations Officer
Duties involve dealing with the investing public by disseminating financial information, responding to queries from institutional investors, issuing press releases to explain corporate events and organizing teleconferences with investors. This challenging job involves contacts with top-level executives and requires understanding of finance and public relations. Many who hold this job have backgrounds in PR or advertising. (Find jobs like this)

Duties involve financial planning, accounting, financial reporting and cost analysis. Will get involved in property, revenue, benefits, derivatives, lease and joint interest accounting. May need to develop forecasting models to project revenues and costs. May be called on to implement or work with a complex costing system, efforts at financial reengineering, transfer pricing issues or interface with auditors. This job requires extensive accounting experience. Often holders of this position enter a company from a Big Six accounting firm. (Find jobs like this)

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